10th October 2018
from 9:30 to 18:00 (CEST)

Live idea generation students challenge

in 5 universities



How to create value in a world with no labels, where products are tracked from within?
What if you could create digital copies of goods and integrate IoT sensors and markers?

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Who's coming?

1000 students
from 5 universities

Aachen, Delft, London, Milan, Turin

What's in it for you?

A PRIZE for each winning local team
a PRIZE for the winning university!

How to get this?

Register by 8th October

Register alone or with a team of 5.
The Competition is open to all students.

Be social and show off!Be social and show off!

Help your University win the challenge by following these steps Du willst schon vorab für deine Uni punkten? Nimm an der Social Media Challenge teil: poste bei Twitter & Instagram mit #RWTH oder #Erlangen + #REPLYRISKHACK und folge diesen einfachen Regeln:

Date Activity Points
On Oct 10th

Number of Twitter and Instagram Posts

with #STUDENTCLASH + #YourUniversity received by 5pm

On Oct 10thAm 30. Mai

Funniest Team Name

Selected by Reply Jury

By Oct 11th

Funniest picture posted on ReplyU Facebook page

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By Oct 19th

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